I was drawn to photography and music as a teenager.  Though at the time, all-ages shows didn’t exist.  My way around this was to get a fake id and move to Toronto, where the music was taking place.

Through a lot of trial and error, I pushed through the challenges and expense of film, till DSLR’s became available. Having now, the digital freedom, I pushed hard into the late nights, shooting every artist on tour, while carefully finding my way through the mosh pits of the 1990s.

Seeing my work in the Rolling Stone of Canada only furthered my drive to do more.  With a bit of luck and a lot of perseverance I gained employment at the CBC and a writing partner.  Together we were given the opportunity to create works of our own on a national level. Thank you, George.  Shooting concerts turned into immersing oneself into the atmosphere of festivals and capturing those feelings.

A life-changing journey to India to document the distribution of polio vaccines is where I identified my curiosity and found my new passion for the isolated and rarely documented.  This continues to drive me throughout the world, avoiding the well-beaten paths and thus co-creating the adventure company, Offtrax. Working alongside a handful of global brands, partaking in experimental marketing while embarking on new adventures is where I currently find myself.